Cajasol Banca Civica defeated Asefa Estudiantes 89-61 in a brilliant game by Jasen, Davis and Bogdanovic, who scored all in double digits. Only Gabriel played a good game for the visiting team.

Cajasol Banca Civica started the game as usual when they play at home. Very hard, as a player said. But this time the shoots didn’t go in. So Estudiantes managed to stay in the game for at least 10 minutes. Because in the second quarter, things changed.

Maybe it was that Ettore Messina was watching the game (did he came to take a look at Davis?) and he wanted to make a NBA impression or maybe he simply is a marvelous player, but this time Davis played over the rim, always flying. He dunked up to 5 times, enough to make the top plays of the week in Spain by himself. In addition to this, Pancho Jasen (former Estudiantes player) played his best game in the season so far and Luka Bogdanovic… he promised not miss a shoot (I think).

Asefa Estudiantes seemed shocked. It’s known that they don’t play well when they are the visiting team, but this time they left the game too soon. Only Gabriel and (sometimes) Simmons played well, motsly on offense, because when they had to defend, it was a disaster. We have to mention here that Antoine Wright should leave the team as soon as possible. He’s not in the game, only that. He doesn’t score nor defend. He does nothing.

In the second half, the only interest of the game was how big would be the difference in the score. In the end it was 28 points, but could have been many more. It was like a game between pro’s and amateurs, but really funny after all…

To finish this review, probably the most spectacular game played in Seville in years. Games like these make people come back to see a basketball game, and that only can improve the results of the team this season.

89 – Cajasol Banca Cívica (20+33+17+19): Calloway (9), Urtasun (6), Tepic (0), Rubio (4), Paul Davis (19) -starting five-, Satoransky (5), Jasen (13), Bogdanovic (23), English (6), Triguero (4)

61 – Asefa Estudiantes (16+14+13+18): Granger (5), Wright (3), Carlos Jiménez (3), Simmons (15), Clark (0) -starting five-, Driesen (0), Flores (8), Jaime Fernández (12), Martínez (0), Gabriel (15)