Cajasol Banca Civica defeated Valencia Basket 79-78 in its 25th anniversary game thanks to a great job by Davis and Urtasun and despite a game won in the last quarter.

It was a special day in Seville, because the local team celebrated its first 25 years of life with some activities for children, a match between former players and the official debut game of the team in its arena. Lots of people came to take a look, but the main attraction was the game between Cajasol Banca Civica (CBC from now on) and Valencia Basket.

For the second time in a row, CBC started to play horrible. They had so many difficulties to score, while Valencia, a young team that loves to run, scored in every way. During the game, a couple of big bad moments for the local team made Valencia to get a 15-points lead.

Despite the local effort in the third quarter, Valencia managed to hold the same lead, though Urtasun and Bogdanovic started to feel good on the court. Last year, the power-forward spot was arguably the main problem of the team, and up until now they still have to work a lot with the new players to solve it. Anyway, the main sign of the sevillian team is the defense. This team is able to defend so good when they put their minds to it, that they managed to win the game in the end.

Well, it was not only defense, but also Davis and Satoransky. The american center is a special player. It is difficult to understand how and why a player like him ever came to Seville, and what is more, decided to stay. He can score in every way, and although is defensive attitude is improvable, he has to be on the court always, and let them have his shoots. On the other hand, the young czech point guard scored the final three-pointer that put his team ahead in the last second after a good game pacing his team, specially in the second half of the match.

In the end, and despite the final score, the feelings were that Cajasol needs to have the right mentality to play agressive all game long, while Valencia may surprise many people with his fast game this season. Time will tell…

79 – Cajasol (16+15+14+34): Satoransky (3), Urtansun (16), Jasen (10), Bogdanovic (9), Triguero (1) -starting five-, Burjanadze (-), Calloway (2), Izquierdo (-), Guille Rubio (2), Englihs (9), Davis (27)

78 – Valencia Básket (19+21+18+20): Markovic (3), Rafa Martínez (4), Claver (8), Ogilvy (6), Caner-Medley (12) -starting five-, Faverani (-), Pietrus (11), De Colo (12), Kuksiks (10), San Miguel (12)