Photo: Twitter/Oklahoma City Thunder

News around the league focus on Luka Doncic MVP-like season, the sheer dominance of Giannis Antetokounmpo or the title chasers of the LA.

Small market teams are not the best destinations for players (if they want big media coverage), but Shai-Gilgeous Alexander is thriving in one right now.

The young guard was one of the main “pieces” of the Paul George deal and he is having a breakout season next to one of the best point guards of our era, Chris Paul.

With Paul on the team, SGA was about to entering a season with increasing off-ball duties, despite being the main ball-handler for most of his career, and until now the ex-Kentucky player is doing well in his new role.

The 6’6 guard is averaging about 19.3 points and 5.5 rebounds per game, along with 3.3 assists.

The Thunder handed the “keys” of their offense to SGA and the young Canadian has not disappointed so far.

He is first in USG% (25.1), in fast break points (2.3), in points in the paint (9.9) and in points from turnovers (4.1), being an active on ball-defender.

Also, he is averaging 54.4% in TS% and 50% in EFG%, being quite efficient, despite the increased amount of playtime and offensive usage.

Moreover, his three-point shooting is excessively good, averaging a career-high 40.3% on 4.4 attempts per game.

Furthermore, he is taking almost 15 shots per game, on 45% in FG%, and he scored +15 points in 11 out of his first 16 games of the season.

The Thunder are on a 6-10 record, having three wins against the league’s worst Golden State Warriors (3-15).

Their five wins came at home and it is easy to understand that it is quite difficult for them to be in the playoff “conversation” in the long-run this season.

Surely, the Thunder are an interesting project and Sam Presti has the chance to build around some young stars, who can lead the team to the playoff glory again, after the departure of “RW” and “PG”, one of them can surely be Shai-Gilgeous Alexander.