Andrey Vatutin on CSKA Moscow adding another player: “We are monitoring the market”

CSKA Moscow - Andrey Vatutin
Photo: TASS

The president of CSKA Moscow, Andrey Vatutin, said the Muscovites are monitoring the market for a potential transfer.

“The fact is that, in principle, the team was built around Clyburn. He was a backbone player on both our offense and defense. It’s impossible to find a person who can play from “1” to “4” and defend against players from “1” to “4”. I just don’t know such another player in Europe.

There’s a problem with our composition. There’s no solution yet. We wouldn’t refuse to strengthen [our roster]. We are monitoring the market. They are offering us something. But there are no candidates,” Vatutin told Sports Ru.

Will Clyburn suffered a torn ACL on his right knee and will miss the remainder of the season. For their part, the Russians have a 6-4 record in the EuroLeague.