Puerto Rican international star JJ Barea revealed that he has ACB in his mind in case the lock out drags for a long time.


According to one of the player’s quotes: “I guess my plan B would be Spain.” Barea would only consider playing in Spain, but stressed out that he hopes it doesn’t have to come to that.

In any case, Barea would be a perfect match for ACB as he has always excelled in FIBA competitions.

Another player who said he would consider a return to ACB is Serge Ibaka who started his career there.

As the, soon to be, Spanish international stated to ACB website: “If there is a lockout, and there are not many complications to play in ACB, I would return (to Manresa) to play.” said Ibaka and went on to say “I would prefer to play to stay in shape rather than stay idle.”

Some days ago Andrei Kirilenko also stated his wish to play in ACB.