The British Basketball League and Oaks Consultancy have announced that the new Birmingham franchise will host their homes at the Futsal International Arena from the 2012/2013 season.

This follows the announcement that Oaks Consultancy were given exclusive rights to operate a franchise in England’s second city following the 2012 Olympic Games.

Mark Walker, managing partner of Oaks Consultancy said: “The opportunity for the Futsal International Arena Birmingham to host the Birmingham BBL team from 2012 is fantastic. I’m delighted to be able to provide a venue for the club and particularly pleased to be involved with the club at a grass roots level with the club’s community events programme.”

Since the new millennium, the British Basketball League hasn’t had great success operating basketball clubs in the three main cities in England, following the demise of clubs in Manchester, London and Birmingham. The BBL has stated that it will try to bring basketball franchises in these three cities within the next two years.

Oaks Consultancy is beginning dialogue with many of the existing basketball providers across the city to ensure that the sport is given the highest profile possible and creates a number of strong successful partnerships.

Oaks also recognise the power of sport in helping local communities achieve better lives. To this end, they are also talking to a range of community providers across the city, who already address agendas such as health, social inclusion, racial tension, crime and anti-social behaviour.

The new Brimingham franchise has now entered the social-networking world. You can find them on Twitter @BBLBirmingham