Photo: Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Jayson Tatum talked about being clutch down the stretch and what he has learnt from working with Kobe Bryant ahead of the Boston Celtics game versus San Antonio Spurs this weekend as part of NBA Saturdays – the NBA’s initiative to promote games played in European primetime.

Q: You’re only 21-years-old but you seem to get more responsibility every week, how do you deal with those responsibilities in the game?

JT: “It’s what you work for. I am relatively young in age, but it’s my third year in the NBA. I got my feet wet a couple of years. It’s just being comfortable.”

Q: You scored the game-winner against the Knicks on a mid-range turnaround. Is that something you’ve been working on a little, putting more attention to it in the game?

JT: “Yeah, especially in situations like that, low clock, got to get a contested shot off.”

Q: Did you learn a little bit on that shot working with Kobe?

JT: “Yeah, he taught me some things… Positioning, footwork, reading what the defense gives you.”

Q: How much fun and different has it been playing with Kemba so far this season?

JT: “It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve got off to a great start. It’s still early, but hopefully we can keep it going.”

NBA Saturdays presented by NBA2K20 on Sky Sports – part of a record 48 Primetime games live on Sky Sports starting from 8:30pm every weekend. This week on 9 November the San Antonio Spurs host the Boston Celtics on Sky Sports Mix from 10pm