Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

In an appearance on the “How Hungry Are You?” with Serge Ibaka, the now-Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant was asked which of his previous teams – OKC or Warriors – was harder to leave:

“Oh, leaving OKC for sure. I mean, I spent eight years there. I built my family there. You know what I’m saying? My whole family lived out there. I done bought houses and did everything there, you know what I’m saying? Like grew up as – in my 20s. So, it was hard to leave that place and leave like all the equipment guys – everybody there, the support staff and obviously my teammates. Well, they understood. I figured y’all would understand because that’s just business, but, like, the other people, I felt a way about and it took me a while to make the decision,” Durant said, per Fadeaway World.