The Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel talked on small forward Kyle Kuzma’s recovery process:

“Right now, we’re just talking about ramping up his activity, and we’re not going to look past two days from now. We’re going to try to increase his workload and activities this week, and we’ll see where we’re at,” Vogel said, per Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

Vogel added:

“There’s a progression. He’s on no-contact, half court now. I’m sure we’ll build up to no-contact, full court with sprinting or potentially half court with contact. I’m not sure which direction they’re going to take it next, but there will be a progression this week building him up.”

Kuzma has been ruled out for the season opener vs. the LA Clippers.

“The main thing is just making sure I’m healthy and (ready to) go. It’s a long season, so (missing opening night) won’t affect me mentally or anything,” Kuzma said.

Video of Vogel talking about the third-year Lakers forward:

This past season, the 24-year-old averaged 18.7 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.