Justin Ray Giddens’ European career is not turning out to be a very gratifying experience. Or a lengthy one for that matter.

Most of you are probably familiar with JR Giddens. An American, slightly overweight, forward who introduced himself to Europe in the autumn as a Prokom player while at the same time he amazed, and occasionally baffled, many more twitter users with his tweeting which was 99.99999% of the times revolved around “nourishment”. Just a sample.

Last night, a Euroleague impeccable insider posted a tweet claiming that Valencia failed to register JR Giddens for Euroleague Top16 phase (the deadline was 24 hours prior to the opening game of Top16 phase). [Only 22 hours to go for EL Top16, by the way!]

So all Hell (‘s Kitchen) broke loose. According to various rumours floating around, Svetislav Pesic had had enough of Giddens shinanigans which included twitter and food (both highly addictive, I know, trust me) and had warned the player not to tweet EVERY GOD DAMN MEAL HE HAD IN VALENCIA (I’m not 100% sure on the wording, but I believe it went down like that), especially since he was 4 kilos overweight.

A failure in communication led the American forward to tweet his breakfast in the next morning (if you must know, it was a ham sandwich, egg, tomato, lettuce etc). But Pesic, was having none of it. He kicked Giddens out of the training session and the player was not even registered for the Euroleague Top16 phase. (TB contacted American basketball players in Europe union rep, Ron Artest, but he declined to make a comment.)

Keeping in mind that he wasn’t playing in ACB either, his release by the club should be considered a certainty. This comes just weeks after he was brushed off by his previous team too. And you know you’ve got issues when you’re not good enough for Prokom.

Well, he didn’t get to improve his game in Europe, but he certainly have had time to work on his palette. Don’t believe me? Check for yourselves.

And if you think Valencia’s fans will be the only ones grief-stricken to see such a true gem go, without even making his debut (you must be a *special* talent to pull that off) you’re wrong. Restaurant owners are already trying to carry out some damage control concerning their profits while young and ambitious local chefs are mourning the loss of an international super-star patron.

On a brighter note, it is rumoured that Pini Gershon and Sofocles Schortsianitis will be joining twitter via a joint food critic account.{jathumbnail off}