Isaiah Thomas
Photo: CBS Sports

Yes. You read the title correctly. And you’re (probably, most likely, maybe, somewhat) perplexed. But let’s take an in-depth look.

Isaiah Thomas, declared for the 2011 NBA Draft on April 1st – otherwise known as April Fool’s Day. His Instagram comments were flooded with, “Is this a joke,” and laughing and crying emojis, suggesting this disbelief that this labeled 5’9 undersized point guard would even have a chance to compete at the NBA level.

Thomas showed up in the spring of 2011 in Chicago for the NBA Draft combine – and I assure you he was anything but content about all the irrelevant discussion about him as a person, rather than his play. Instead of measuring as to what the University of Washington had him at – 5’9, Thomas measured at 5’10 1⁄4. He then measured out at a pristine 40’ inches at the vertical test, only bested by 3 other players – including Iman Shumpert.

Next – the shooting drills. Isaiah Thomas was lights out from deep. Finishing first in made shots from college threes and second in made shots from NBA range three point shots. Not to mention his second place finish in jump-shots from the 15-18 foot range. His second place finished were not to Klay Thompson or another sharpshooters in 2011, but Andrew Goudelock – the former 46th overall pick by the Lakers in 2011, who’s now retired from professional basketball. BOOM. Thomas displayed his ability from deep as well as mid-range while posting up a 40’ vertical. But that’s not just it.

Thomas benched 185 pounds 13 times. Impressive for the quote “under-sized” point guard, especially with a 40’ inch vertical to compliment his strength. Finally, he finished top 5 in both the lane agility drill and the 3/4th court sprints.

How was Isaiah Thomas selected with the last pick in 2011 (60th)? He was an established quality college basketball player who on paper, seemingly has no faults in his athletic ability. But hey, time after time he’s proved many rival General Managers in the NBA wrong, which must feel great. Although he is injured to start the 2019 NBA season with the Washington Wizards, he should see decent minutes behind starter Ish Smith.