Brian Scalabrine, former NBA player and current color commentator for the Boston Celtics, published a post on NBC Sports in which he shared his thoughts about the Celtics’ coming season.

According to Scalabrine, Jayson Tatum could be the X-factor for the Celtics:

“I think Tatum might be the X-factor. Tatum has to be so much more dominant. I can’t call a game and not mention his name for a quarter. He’s got to impact the game in so many ways. Crazy big shoulders, long arms, he’s got game. I don’t want to see all his shots end up in Kobe Bryant’s 18-foot step-backs. Get to the free-throw line, which he is capable of doing and get to the restricted area, which he is capable of doing.”

The White Mamba does not believe in team chemistry. Instead, he thinks that it’s all about having a good fit:

“I don’t believe in chemistry. I believe in fit. I believe in basketball being played a certain way. When you play that way, everyone thinks you have great chemistry. This team can love each other, they can have S’mores, singing “Kumbaya” with guitars out there. If they don’t get to the restricted area and they don’t get to the free-throw line, especially with this defensive frontcourt they have, this team is not going to be that good.”