ImageA quite hot Euroleague week is coming to an end, highlighted by yet another outstanding performance by Partizan’s Aleksandar Maric. Maric had 34 points and 16 rebounds and is now averaging 18.1 points and 9.9 rebounds a game, better than a certain Nikola Pekovic two seasons back.

At the same time he is shooting a sizzling 70.1 percent from the field, while the only problematic aspect of his game is free throw shooting [33/58 for the season]. Partizan had a key victory over Efes yesteday that could be the decisive victory on their road to Top16. While Maric got all the headlines, it was Dusan Kecman who first brought Partizan level in the last minute with a three point shot from the wing after curling off the baseline screen, and later hitting the game-winning midrange jumpshot 2.8 seconds from time, in a possession that once again showed Efes’ defensive incapabilities. No rotation whatsoever – wide open jumper for Kecman. This is not a successful way to defend the pick and roll, neither in the first, nor in the closing minute of a game.

Tempers flew high in Piraeus, where Linas Kleiza, Sofoklis Schortsanitis, Shammond Williams and Patrick Beverley all had their fair share of responsability for two ugly first quarter disputes. The reds went on to win 89:68 and thus avenge the blowout they suffered in Malaga a few weeks back.

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