Tunceri: The Greco-Serbian nightmare

Kerem Tunceri is creating his own tradition against Greeks and Serbs. A few months ago he did it against Serbia NT, some days ago he did it against Panathinaikos. But there are more common facts.

Common fact #1: Both the times he did it against Serb coaches. First time it was Dusan Ivkovic, second time it was Zeljko Obradovic.

Common fact #2: Both the coaches are working in Greek clubs.

Common fact #3: Both the times he was guarded (or was supposed to be guarded anyway) by a Greek team player. First time it was Marko Keselj who lost him, the second time it was Stratos Perperoglou. (Very weird choices to guard Tunceri if you ask me…)

Common fact #4: Both the times he did it in Sinan Erdem Dome. 

Bonus common fact: Both times Kerem (common name) Gonlum was ecstatic after witnessing the clutch finishings by Tunceri.



Hey, at least he made the layup with the right hand the first time, and the left one the second time around.