Messina: We can’t get excited for beating Panathinaikos

ImageEttore Messina came back with another entry in the blog he keeps for the russian website He compaired CSKA of the past years with current Real and talked about the win over Panathinaikos.

"Before the game we said to each other “There’s no way we could beat those guys in a play-off series right now. But on any given day any team can win a game over an opponent if it really wants it and if it plays good basketball”."  commented Messina about the level Real had at that point. He also commented on the supposed rivalry between himself and Zeljko Obradovic: "I’d also like to add a couple of words on that Euroleague game versus Panathinaikos. It was a big-time topic for the Spanish media. Personally, I’m less than fond of that “Obradovic vs. Messina” hype and buzz but I see and understand why media are striving to heat it up and create a rivalry there."

"The biggest difference between two groups of players is that the one we had at CSKA was definitely more powerful – physically stronger and taller. Here in Madrid we have fewer kilos and centimeters per position but at the same time it’s a much quicker group." was his comment on the comparison between CSKA and Real.

Catch the whole entry here .

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