Cibona have agreed on an one-year cooperation with the new American player, M.J. Rhett, who is coming to Zagreb.

The 26-year-old is an athletic player that can cover both positions in the paint. M.J. Rhett is an all-around player, that can guard all positions. He is a team player and very active in the rebounding part of the game. He has four NCAA seasons behind him. He spent three at the Tennessee State and one at Mississippi.

Rhett has experience of playing at four continents, as he has played in Europe, Asia, North and South America before.

As he agreed on cooperation with Cibona, M.J. Rhett told: ”My contract with Cibona means a lot to me! I know this is a very historic club and i just want to work hard and strive to stay on top and win some championships! I’ve only played in Europe two times and that was in Prístina and France my first two years pro. So for me, i’m really excited to get back to Europe to elevate my game and do everything i can to help the team win! For sure, I heard about the ABA League but never took the opportunity to come play until now!”