GENEVA (FIBA) – FIBA unconditionally condemns the violence that occurred during the Final of the Acropolis tournament between Greece and Serbia that was played in Athens, Greece last night.

Such scenes involving players on a basketball court are entirely unacceptable, especially as players are seen as important role models for young fans.

They are also ambassadors for basketball on the global stage and they should always be seen to act as such.

Patrick Baumann, the Secretary General of FIBA, said: “I was appalled to see the disgraceful scenes that occurred during the Greece v Serbia game. They were an awful stain on the good name of world basketball.

FIBA will take whatever steps are necessary against any individual player found to have been involved in this shocking incident. FIBA will not let this stand.

“FIBA, as the sport’s world governing body, is now urgently reviewing last night’s game and the circumstances leading to the violence.

FIBA will not be commenting on the actions of any individual player ahead of that review being completed.

However, FIBA wishes to make it clear that it will not hesitate from taking the strongest possible action against any individual found to have brought the sport of basketball into disrepute.”


Source: FIBA