ImageFIBA will be helding the 2010 World Championship Groups draw next Tuesday in Turkey and the seedings of the teams are set. USA, Spain, Greece and Argentina will be placed in the first pot and will be head of the four groups. Check out all seedings.

 Pot 1 USA Argentina Spain Greece
 Pot 2 Serbia Slovenia France Turkey
 Pot 3 Brazil Puerto Rico Canada Australia
 Pot 4 Croatia Russia Lithuania Germany
 Pot 5 New Zealand China Iran Angola
 Pot 6 Jordan Lebanon Tunisia Ivory Coast

The seedings for FIBA competitions always follow the same basic principles, which are as follows:

  • The groups of the first round are balanced in terms of sporting competitiveness.
  • The draw ensures that in each group, there is a balanced representation from the five continents. In the case of the draw for the 2010 FIBA World Championship, that will result in having a maximum of 3 European teams in any one group and a maximum of 2 Americas teams in any one group.

The draw will set up four groups, each containing of one team from each pot. For example there could be a group consisting of USA, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Germany, China and Ivory Coast.

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