George VassilakopoulosFIBA Europe President George Vassilakopoulos commented on FYROM's intention to play against Greece wearing jerseys on which the word "Macedonia" will be printed instead of FYROM.

FYROM's intention to do so has displeased the leadership of the Greek Basketball Federation and the FIBA Europe President himself who commented on the situation:

"These are obvious mind games by FYROM, mainly intented for internal consumption inside FYROM. FYROM will play in the Eurobasket wearing a jersey which will comply with the mandates set by the United Nations, the Olympic Committee and FIBA. Besides, this is what the President of the FYROM Basketball Federation has assured me of in his letter."

General Secretar of the Greek Basketball Federation stated: "We are following the situation closely. We had the same problem in 2007 in the U18 European Championship in Slovenia. Back then FYROM complied with the regulations, and the same will happen now too."