Photo: ClutchPoints

The now-Los Angeles Lakers small forward Jared Dudley shared his thoughts about his former Nets teammate D’Angelo Russell, who has signed a four-year, $117 million max contract with the Warriors this offseason, per ClutchPoints:

On Russell’s willingness to learn: “I just came in to help us teach if he wanted to learn. I credit him for being a young guy who wanted to listen, who took information very well and responded and even asked questions. So I think that’s one thing that is going to be surprising to Draymond (Green) and guys at Golden State. This is a guy who wants to learn, wants to get better and wants to be coached.”

On Russell’s willingness to get a max deal: “D’Angelo wanted to get the max. So I’m not surprised. He would’ve gone to, you know, Saudi Arabia, if he could have gotten the max there. I’m not surprised he took that.”