ImageRumors surfaced lately that Pau Gasol will go to the Eurobasket in Poland after all, based on statements he made on American TV."Yes, I am going to play in the Eurobasket. I've got time to rest until September." he said.

Shortly after all media was buzzing that he will be going to the Eurobasket. Shortly after however, the player himself released a statement in his official website that he has not taken a decision yet.

This is the official statement:

"Pau Gasol has not reached any final decision regarding his participation in the Eurobasket of Poland. His words in the interview on ABC should be contextualized in a colloquial tone. Indeed, there are chances that Pau will play in the Eurobasket since the season ended well physically and he still has time to rest for the tournament being in September.

Nevertheless, Pau wants to make known that he has taken no decision yet, but wants to clarify that it is, as always, an honour to play in the National Team if he is 100% convinced that it is the best for the team and himself.

Pau said that "there has been no official statement of mine, just a funny tone in response to a joke that I have made in the interview.". And during that interview, Gasol said twice "may" and "might be" which translated into Spanish means "maybe" or "possible"

"For me to play with Spain in the Eurobasket," Gasol added, "is a challenge and I have to first confirm whether or not I am prepared," but in any case would be "very proud" to have done so.

Finally, the Lakers star said that the decision will be announced in Spain when he returns from Los Angeles, where he is now devoted to enjoy the championship won by his team."