ImageIsrael stayed within range up untill halftime (49-43) against Spain in a game held in Zaragoza. In the third quarter the Spanish NT stepped on the gas and the game was over for the Israelis.

Spain, who saw eight players with double digits, outscored Israel 29-17 in the third quarter making an 18-point lead out of the 6-point margin of the halftime. Final score 102-79.

Spain: R.Rubio 4, Fernandez 12, Claver 13, Reyes 16, M.Gasol 10, Lopez 13, Llull 13, Navarro 10, Garbajosa 10, G.Rubio 1

Israel: Pniny 11, Mekel 10, Halperin 20, Kozikaro 8, Eliyahu 14, Mizrahi, Naimy, Limonad 9, Tamir 7, Kadir, Rothbart