Photo: ClutchPoints

The analyst Charles Barkley shared thoughts about the Golden State Warriors’ struggles playing without Klay Thompson in the upcoming NBA season, per NBC Sports.

On Klay Thompson: “I’m a big Klay Thompson fan. So I think that’s the one thing they’re gonna miss the most, even more than KD.” 

On the Warriors making the playoffs: “I think they’re gonna struggle to make the playoffs without Klay (Thompson). The West, there’s no bad teams in the West. There are no bad teams. Obviously, everybody’s talking about the Lakers and the Clippers, I haven’t even mentioned Denver, the Spurs, Dallas got a lot better, New Orleans got a lot better. This is unbelievable how hard the West is.”

On D’Angelo Russell and Steph Curry: “I’m not even sure how D’Angelo’s gonna fit into that system to be honest with you. But Steph is gonna do his thing. And then it depends on what position they’re in once Klay comes back. There are no easy games in the West, so it’s gonna be a dog fight for them every single night.”