ImageOne of the most talented and at the same time controversial player of the past 15 yeras has decided to retire. Of course we are talking about Milan Gurovic.

Milan Gurovic took the decision to retire since yesterday and today he announced his decision, after almost 20 years of bright career.

Gurovic' top career moments were the gold medals at Eurobasket 2001 and of course the World Championship in Indianapolis in 2002 where Yugoslavia (back then) beat USA in their home with Gurovic scoring the threepointer that "killed" the American chances for a win.


On club level he has won the ACB and Korac Cup with Barcelona, Yugoslavian and Polish championships with Partizan and Prokom respectively. Also the Greek, Serbia and Polish Cup with AEK, Red Star and Prokom respectively.

Gurovic stated: "the only regret of my career is the inability to win the Euroleague, but I guess one can not have everything in his life. Now I will have the chance to watch Red Star games and think about my future."

Gurovic has played for NAP Novi Sad, Peristeri, AEK, Barcelona, Trieste, DKV Joventut, Vojvodina,  Unicaja, Red Star, Partizan, Galatasaray and Prokom.

Gurovic is a holder of a Greek passport under the name Milan Malatras while he was banned from entering both Croatia and Bosnia due to a controvesial tattoo and he once commented about Bilijana Srbljanovic, a  Serbian politician: "Women of her age can do or say foolish stuff sometimes if they don't get their portion of cock in the morning. She must've awoken unfucked that day when she said this." responding to her calling him "a tattooed fool".