Marko Metlas / FIBA Europe
Photo: Marko Metlas / FIBA Europe

Following the retirement from professional basketball, Asvel Villeurbanne owner and president Tony Parker spoke about basketball in Europe, per

“I wanted to give back to my country, help French basketball go very high, and the highest you can go is the EuroLeague in Europe. The growth of the EuroLeague is…I don’t think they have a limit, you know. People love basketball in Europe, and the EuroLeague is taking the right steps to make it grow, so for me as an investor, it’s just great to be affiliated to that. We miss the EuroLeague in France. I’m so happy that my team and that France can get the EuroLeague and get that experience. Now, we’re going to have those big games coming to town, so I’m very excited. I know a lot of people who are like, ‘I prefer to watch EuroLeague games than NBA games during the regular season’…because of the intensity and the way they play…The EuroLeague is definitely, definitely improving. And I know that anybody who watches the EuroLeague is not going to get bored because it’s great games.”