Points to Remember While You Bet On WNBA Games

Photo: NBC Sports

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) is one of the renowned and most popular basketball leagues in the United States comprising of twelve strong teams.

The betting options in WNBA games are the same as offered in any other basketball tournament leagues.

Well, this article aims at providing you with a list of all the important points that you need to consider before you bet on the WNBA games. This information is provided by Online Casino London, one of the most reputed online casinos operating in the UK. Take a look!

Familiarise yourself with the rules

After the 2015 season, WNBA has made a few changes in its rules in order to shorten its clock to 14 seconds instead of the standard 24.

This change has indeed resulted in an enormous increase in the scoring pattern of the players. The teams of WNBA have proved to be really good in wagers led by Dallas at 15-7 and Seattle at 13-7.

Examine the rosters closely

It is important to keep a close watch on the wagering terms relating to WNBA games. Apart from this, getting the updates of the players, teams and the games also play a vital role. The rosters provide you with all the details pertaining to the top players available.

Also, there are various sources through which you can seek instant updates like Daily Fantasy which aims at offering the latest news and updates about the players and the teams they are associated with.

The source recently reported about Elena Della Donne’s nagging ankle injury and Brittany Griner’s indefinite injury.

Choose your favourite

Not choosing your favourite team can disappoint you in the long run as it has been observed that showing a lack of interest can result in the drifting of your money. Do check out the favourites for this season and choose your team wisely!

Home teams are a wrong choice for betting

Betting on the home teams is undoubtedly a bad choice this season as the cashing is substantially less.

If you decide to wager with some great statistical trends in your favour, then, find a favourite in a regular season WNBA game with no other variables (i.e. a top player).

Presently, there are five teams which offer the best wagers, namely

  • Connecticut 10-3 ATS
  • Chicago 9-4 ATS
  • Minnesota 7-2 ATS
  • San Antonio 8-3 ATS

To be precise, the last two teams mentioned above are truly commendable. Minnesota is the runaway best team in the league.

They are 16-2 SU and are the Golden State Warriors of the WNBA. San Antonio is basically the anti-Spurs of the WNBA, compiling a dreadful 3-19 record straight-up. Both the teams are among the best road ATS wagers in the WNBA.

Final Thoughts

Betting on sports requires deep analytical, logical and reasoning skills. Following the above-mentioned points will definitely help you in wagering diligently and smart. Happy betting, there!