10 Russian renegade clubs have decided to leave Russian Men’s Superleague A and instead create their own private league, which with the combination of the VTB league practically means the end of Russian domestic league as we had known them. Read the entire announcement regarding the creation of this new league.

We, the undersigned representatives of Men’s Superleague A clubs, due to the events of last month which set the Russian basketball in turmoil, decided to walk out of the Basketball Superleague Board. In this situation, we consider it impossible to participate in the competition, organised and managed by the managers who have lost our trust.

The leading clubs of the country are going to establish a new, professional and independent, basketball league for the best Russian teams. We are convinced that only the independent status of the tournament which will be run by authorities, established by clubs, ensures a high level of competition, fair play and improves the quality of Russian basketball. We have created a working group of representatives of all the founding clubs; the working group is entrusted to develop regulatory and legal documents needed to create and conduct the competitions.

We are fully aware of the necessity and importance of our decision, we are ready to bear responsibility for its consequences, we will make every effort to bring the respect and attention of fans in Russia and abroad back to the League Championship, to attract spectators to the stands and children to the sport schools. We hope that our intentions will be supported throughout the basketball community in the country.

– Professional Basketball Club CSKA (Moscow),
– Basketball Club Khimki (Moscow Region, Khimki),
– Basketball Club UNICS (Kazan),
– Men’s Basketball Club Dynamo (Moscow),
– Basketball Club Lokomotiv-Kuban (Krasnodar),
– Men’s Basketball Club Spartak (St. Petersburg),
– Basketball Club Triumph (Moscow Region, Lyubertsy),
– Basketball Club Red Wings (Samara),
– SKGAU Basketball Club Yenisey (Krasnoyarsk),
– Basketball Club Nizhny Novgorod (Nizhny Novgorod).