Former NBA player to compete in the UFC

Royce White is quitting his basketball career in order to concentrate all his attention on MMA fights.

Per ESPN: “I’m one of the best athletes in the world. Among the NBA community, part of my appeal as a draft prospect was my unique size, athleticism, vision and that I probably have one of the 10 biggest set of hands in the NBA. I think all of those things will translate beautifully to the UFC.

I played point guard as a 265-pounder in the NCAA. In order to do so, not only do you have to have great court vision, you have to have great tempo and great footwork. Those things naturally translate to the fight game.”

White was drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2012, but did not play a single game for the Rockets. Later on, he signed multiple 10-day contracts with the Sacramento Kings in the 2013-2014 season.