Bnei HasharonAfter a meeting between Raanana's mayor, Nahum Hoffri and Herzeliya Mayor, Yael German and Mr. Leni Rekanati,  owner of Bnei Hasharon Team, an agreement was signed.

And the best union in the Israeli sport will continue for three more years.

Seven years ago the the two teams, Maccabi Raanana and Bnei Herzeliya,united to one team, Bnei Hasharon. A union which is a success story.


Raanana’s mayor, Nahum Hoffri, Meir Tapiro and Herzeliya Mayor, Yael German (Photographer: Liron Moldovan)

The united team reached two of the last four Final Fours. Reached 2 Israeli Cup Finals, took part  in the various European Cups three times and become a dominant team in the Israeli basketball.

The new agreement was signed for three more years. The united team will play the next two seasons in Hayovel Hall in Herzeliya and in the third year they will return to Metrowest Hall in Raanana in which the team played in the last two seasons.