ImageAs we reported yesterday, Orlando Magic Turkish star Hedo Turkoglu will choose to become a free agent and look at other offers, even from Europe if they come up. After all he has said that playing in Europe is a possibility since last year.

And the first rumours linking him to a European club came from his homeland Turkey where the media is reporting an alleged offer by the Greek giants Olympiacos.

The offer is rumoured to be a two-years contract worth a total of 8 million euros which is a huge offer for European standards but not a very good for an NBA star such as Turkoglu.

It is a common secret in European basketball circles that Olympiacos' hands are tied for the moment due to the 'heavy' contract of Josh Childress and that an early departure of the former Atlanta Hawks player back to NBA would be a 'blessing in disguise' for Olympiacos management and coaching staff.

So it is safe to assume for now that Olympiacos will be interested in Hedo Turkoglu only in case that Childress leaves the Reds.