Guy PniniGuy Pnini, member of Israeli NT and latest signing of FMP, was in the center of a big scandal in the match of the 8th round of the Adriatic league. Slovenian Helios beat FMP (96:82) in Domzale after ejections of Slobodan Klipa and Ratko Radovanovic, FMP coach and president respectively. Players of Serbian team left the court as a sign of protest for bad referee calls in the last period, then returned for final 90 seconds. Pnini was insulted for his nationality by several Helios team members, especcialy Belarusian Aleksei Lashkevich.

FMP filed an official complaint for bad refereeing of Drazen Pehar and Dubravko Muhvic. Pnini sad for serbian media that he was never insulted in this way while he previously played in euroopean competitions.