Jordan on slapping Monk’s head: “No negative intent”

Photo: SB Nation

According to Michael Jordan, he had no vicious intentions when he slightly slapped Malik Monk’s head for getting a technical foul. “It was like a big brother and little brother tap” – Jordan explained via The Associated Press – “No negative intent. Only love!”

The incident happened when Jeremy Lamb made a game-winning shot with 0.3 sec. left and Malik Monk ran onto the court celebrating the likely victory. After assessment, officials penalized the Hornets for six players on the floor by an one-shot technical. Langston Galloway sank the free throw, but it wasn’t enough to win the game. Meanwhile, on the Hornets bench, Jordan slapped Monk’s head for jumping onto the court too early.

Speaking about the incident, Malik Monk said, per “Big, big, big brother. But it was nothing. He was just playing, it’s Mike, and whatever he does is going to make (news) because nowadays it’s all social media and everybody has their phone out there and I wasn’t surprised.”