OlympiakosAs Olympiakos announced through their official website Arvydas Macijauskas will be sent to Germany for medical consult from a specialist in waist and spine injuries.

More specifically Arvydas Macijauskas will be meeting with Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt, who is the Doctor of the Germany Football National Team and is an orthopedic with a specialty in waist and spine injuries.

Macijauskas will be accompanied by a member of Olympiakos medical staff and after consulting Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt the proper treatment will be followed.

But what could this mean for all three involding parties? Arvydas Macijauskas himself, Olympiakos and Lithuanin National Team that is.  Macijauskas has not played any significant minutes in the past three months and when everything seems to be set for his return yet another minor injury occures.

He has played competitive basketball for Olympiakos only for about some months so far since last season and there are already some clouds for him in Piraeus and as everyone have been saying lately, Olympiakos has already spent almost 5 million euros on Macijauskas, so far and has received little in return.

And last, but not least, could this mean another year without International Basketball for Macijauskas? He has already declined the Lithuanian National Team invitation last summer in order to work on his physical condition and injury rehabiliation.

Only time will show.