Sergio Rodriguez: “The curse of Oly? I wasn’t here then”

CSKA Moscow won Olympiacos in a tight game (69-65) in Moscow. Nando de Colo had a migraine a day before, so there should have been another hero to appear. Thanks to Sergio Rodriguez, hero was just in time. Here’s some of his thoughts about the game.

On his own performance:

“I slowed down in the fourth quarter. You have to read the game. After the third quarter we had some other players who played really good. Will was handling the ball great, Cory was on fire. We’re a team, it just depends on circumstances. I’m not selfish, nobody in the team is. I just want to make us a better team. Yes, we can lean on individuals, be high in the scoring, high in assists, but we won’t win anything if we don’t play as a team. We have got to play defence and support each other, we have talent, and one night it could be one, other night it could be another.”

On the game:

“It was a difficult game, our percentage was not good. We had situations to score, but missed a lot. We’re a team who usually score 90+ points. Still, it’s a good sign for us that we could beat Olympiacos with 69. We showed a good defence, and it wasn’t easy against such a great team. But we should forget about it, it’s the 1st of November.

When you have a team like Oly coming to Moscow – and they were playing really good so far this season – keeping them in 65 points is very important. That’s the way we want to keep playing.”

On the last minutes:

“Spanoulis? He’s a good player, he proved this over the years. He got some moments during the game although we defended against him very well. I don’t know about the curse of him, I wasn’t here in those Final Fours. Yeah, I know there were different situations in the past, but anyway we don’t look in the past, we keep in mind it’s still November 1st. Surely Oly will play better and better throughout the season, and we will, too. The most important part now is to work hard every day. It’s a long way.”