Eurocup results round 4

ImageValencia crushed second in group B, Triumph with 85-60 to remain unbeaten, Unics Kazan and Joventut with clear advantage in group D after beating Telekom Bonn and Besiktas respectively and Aris reclaims first spot of group C after beating visiting Siauliai while Hapoel lost to Zadar. Catch all the action of Eurocups fourth round here.


 Group A
 Azovmash90-82  Teramo
 Galatasaray93-79  Alba
 Group B  
 Valencia85-60  Triumph
 Hemofarm88-76 Le Mans
 Group C  
 Aris85-67 Siauliai
 Zadar86-69 Hapoel
 Group D  
 Joventut108-92 Besiktas
 Telekom Bonn62-66 Unics
 Group E  
 Bilbao81-75 Turk Telekom
 Charleroi50-68 Spartak
 Group F  
 Benetton102-69  Dynamo
 Cholet79-70 Crvena Zvezda
 Group G  
 Nancy67-55 Gran Canaria
 Turow81-76 Panellinios
 Group H  
Brose Baskets85-73 Nymburk
 Ventspils63-77 Biella


 Group A  Group B
 1. Alba   1. Valencia 
 2. Galatasaray   2. Triumph 
 3. Teramo   3. Hemofarm 
 4. Azovmash   4. Le Mans 
 Group C
  Group D
 1. Aris   1. Unics 
 2. Hapoel   2. Joventut 
 3. Zadar   3. Besiktas 
 4. Siauliai   4. Telekom Bonn 
 Group E
  Group F
 1. Bilbao   1. Benetton 
 2. Spartak   2. Crvena Zvezda 
 3. Turk Telekom   3. Cholet 
 4. Charleroi   4. Dynamo 
 Group G
  Group H
 1. Panellinios   1. Biella 
 2. Nancy   2. Brose Baskets 
 3. Gran Canaria   3. Nymburk 
 4. Turow   4. Ventspils 

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