Photo: Kyle Terada, USA Today Sports

A three-time NBA champion Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors small forward is happy that LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers past summer.

Speaking about a four-time NBA MVP and his transition to the new team, a 28-year-old player said, per ESPN: “I think it’s pretty cool…I don’t think you would have guessed it when he was with the Cavs when he started his rookie season, but it’s adding a ton of interest in the league, and the Lakers are about to get the usual media coverage that I was used to growing up”.

Thompson is confident, that LeBron James will make the Lakers an elite team: “Well, the times we’ve seen him he’s always been at the top of the East during the Finals…And those games are always intense. I expect him to greatly improve the Lakers and they’ve obviously got a bunch of guys who are proven now. So I just expect it to be intense”.