Photo: EuroLeague

Real Madrid started their pre-season preparation and the head coach of the defending EuroLeague and ACB champions, Pablo Laso, spoke with the media about his expectations ahead of the new season, the pre-season schedule and the club’s academy.

Here is what the experienced coach said:

On his thoughts ahead of the 2018/19 season: “This will be an exciting season like they all are, and we hope to continue doing things as well as we can and make the fans happy. This is my eighth year here and I am ecstatic to stay on at a great club and have such a great team.”

On the team’s pre-season schedule: “These first two weeks are for the players here in Madrid and who are already training and the injury-hit players will be incorporated little by little. The preseason serves to get the team to that ideal physical state.

We played more than 80 games and the break helps us to disconnect, but most have had their individual training to do and that is why they will be incorporated slowly so that on the 27th we can start to lay the foundations for what I expect to be an enthralling season.”

On whether there can be a player from the team’s academy that can become the next Luka Doncic: “We had players in the Euro Under-18s and now in the under-16s. We have some real talent in the youth teams, they are in tournaments and we monitor all of them.

In general, they are doing stellar work for their countries and that speaks volumes of the work they do at Real Madrid.”