Basketball is a favorite sport for millions of sporting fans around the world but for many, it is also a good opportunity to turn up a decent profit by placing a few bets at favorable odds. Of course, no one is immune to failure when it comes to betting but there are ways to up your chances of winning with your basketball wagers.

Basketball betting is a venture that requires a good deal of preparation, time, efforts, and knowledge despite its seeming simplicity. If you lack experience in this field, we suggest you kick off your basketball betting adventure by going through the 10 tips we have prepped up for you below.

Tip #1 – Master the Rules to the Tee

This would be easier than you think no matter which basketball league you decide to bet on because the games from all basketball leagues are played according to the same rules. This is a point-based sport so it is essential for you to know how many points different types of throws are awarded. The bottom line is you cannot expect to be a successful bettor if you are wagering on a sport whose rules you know nothing about.

Tip #2 – Learn to Differentiate between Basketball Bet Types

It is no wonder basketball is such a favorite with sports bettors, considering the versatility of bet types it presents them with. Learn to distinguish between basic types of wagers like the moneyline, the point spread, and the over/under markets and the more advanced basketball markets like propositions, outrights, and quarter and half bets.

Some sports betting websites are easier to understand and win with. These are the ones you need to start with before you advance to more complex wagers that require adequate preparation and higher expertise.

Tip #3 – Check the Statistics

The stats on different basketball teams and players’ performance are of vital importance since they boost your competence and respectively, enable you to make better-informed decisions when placing your bets.

There is no shortage of information on the web where you can find statistics on the teams’ against-the-spread and over/under records, on how many times they have won or lost when they were underdogs or favorites, how many points in the paint they have scored and so on. This helps you see the teams’ weak sides and strengths.

Tip #4 – Be on the Alert for Indications of Fatigue

Fatigue can significantly reduce a basketball team’s chances of defeating their opponents. After all, an NBA season spans as many as 82 games so it is understandable players would start displaying signs of fatigue at one point or another.

Sometimes it happens so that a team would partake in games several nights in a row and it would be even worse if they have been the away side. Avoid backing teams whose players are fatigued. The performance you can expect from them would most likely be far from the optimal.

Tip #5 – Leave the Overly Complex Bets for the Pros

We hinted some types of bets are rather complex and as such would require more expertise, research, and preparation on your behalf, or at least if you are looking to pocket some profits. It would be best to avoid placing such bets altogether and leave them for the pros. Your chances of properly evaluating the value a proposition bet gives are almost minuscule at the start of your sports betting career.

Tip #6 – Pay Attention to the Starting Line-Up

Always make certain you check what the starting line-up for a basketball game is. This is very important because if key players are not present on the court due to injuries, the team you are backing is less likely to emerge victorious and help you win your bet.

Tip #7 – Don’t Back a Team because It Is Your Favorite

This is probably the stupidest thing a bettor can do no matter if they are wagering on basketball or any other sport for that matter. The only thing sympathies lead to is bias, which in itself results in poor decision-making and respectively, empty pockets.

You should never afford yourself to be emotionally invested with your bets. A successful basketball bettor follows common sense and logic, not their heart. You should be disciplined enough to back teams you hate as long as they are assigned the short odds and have better chances of earning you a payout.

Tip #8 – Be on the Lookout for Points in the Paint

Basketball games are won by collecting more points than the opposing team and this is something you can exploit as a bettor. Pay attention to the number of points teams score in the paint because players have higher chances of scoring with them, being in near proximity of the basket and all. Points in the paint statistics are sometimes disregarded by handicappers but can be instrumental when it comes to spotting winning teams.

Tip#9 – Do Your Homework before You Wager on the Over/Under Markets

The over/under bets are easily one of the most straightforward types of basketball wager. It is precisely this simplicity that causes some bettors to overlook the importance of proper research.

As simple as over/under bets are, you should prep up by studying the teams’ style of play (defensive or offensive), whether players from the starting line-up has suffered any injuries, and whether they are showing signs of fatigue. Another thing to consider is the teams’ level of efficiency where defense and offense are concerned.

Remember hard work and good preparation are the key ingredients for success in almost all spheres of life, and basketball betting is no exception to this unwritten rule.