Dimitris Itoudis: “Every season is a challenge for each and every one of us”

Photo: Sport24.gr

Dimitris Itoudis had an interview with Eurohoops.net and referred to various topics, including his presence in CSKA Moscow, the NBA and the rumours for Nemanja Bjelica.

On working for CSKA and having the chance to win titles: “I don’t feel that way. Every season and every summer, actually it is very important for the clubs. Summer is when you try to build the team to accomplish the things during the season.

As for building the team, summer is more than 50-60% of the job for the core of what kind of a team you’d establish, and the chemistry you would have in that team. Every season is a challenge for each and every one of us. We will try to build the best possible team to compete and to fulfil all the expectations of our fans, of the sponsors and of course ourselves.”

On being a head coach in the NBA: “I do not think about this right now. I think about how to build the best team for CSKA, and I am very happy with where I am. The NBA is the best organization in the world regarding basketball. But, I am very focused, determined, decisive on how we are going to build the best possible team and how to play the best basketball, to get some more wins with CSKA.”

On Nemanja Bjelica reportedly being a target of CSKA: “It is not the time to talk about our possible targets. CSKA has ears and eyes on everywhere, in the whole continent. And we sign the best possible players that can help the chemistry we want to have.

It is not about the names. As you said, Bjelica is in the NBA and he is not a player of CSKA. Right now we want to have the best possible team, and the chemistry, which is the most important thing in team sports.”