We’re all basketball nuts here and some of us may have placed a few bets over time. This is a great way to enjoy your favourite sport with a bit of added fun. In this article, we’ll take you through the differences that exist between betting on two of the most popular sports around.

The Similarities

There are a lot more similarities between these betting styles than there are differences to be honest. With both of these betting styles, you will be looking for a main winner or a series of side bets. The side bets will vary, as they rely on certain rules and aspects of each game.

In both, the most popular bets will be those that determine a winner. These can be the lowest paying bets though, as it’s more difficult to accurately predict a score or other novelty bet. These bets are usually the most straightforward and accessible for new bettors.

Within these games, there are scores on each and also player metrics that you can bet on too. These come in all shapes and sizes, like who will score first or even commit a foul.

The Differences

When you compare football betting to basketball betting, we also have quite a few differences too. These differences are actually great for those that want to mix up their betting time with a lot of different elements. With basketball betting, there are sometimes fewer options available due to the rules of the game, whereas football betting opens up a lot of additional options.

Football betting has grown in popularity massively over the past few years, with casinos online now offering football betting and football themed slots to keep up with demand. There are more people betting on football through these online casino sites and on sportsbooks than on basketball games.

Football betting is especially popular in the UK, with the Premier League and World Cup offering some of the biggest opportunities for sportsbooks. They often offer enhanced odds and special bets during this time, something which is less common in basketball.

Which is Best?

The type of betting that you prefer will most likely come down to which game you prefer watching. This kind of betting tends to enhance the game that you’re already watching so if you enjoy it then it’s best to add money onto that game. You’re also more likely to understand the game and the various odds within it, which will again make you more successful.

Mostly it comes down to the site you choose to play on, whether that’s an online casino or dedicated sportsbook. Make sure you’re playing with a safe and licenced site to ensure that you will actually get paid out when you win in these matches.

No matter which kind of betting you end up going for, you should make sure you’re getting the best possible deal for you. Just look out for offers and splash out where it makes sense, then you’ll be able to conserve your cash in the long term.