Main target of Panathinaikos: Rudy

It seems that the departure of Vassilis Spanoulis has not left Panathinaikos unaffected. The main target of the Greens is presented to be Rudy Fernandez, not only because he is a quality player, but also to make up for the big loss of Spanoulis with another big name and create impressions.

Of course Rudy’s case is extremely difficult. The Blazers have made an offer to Wesley Matthiews and are waiting to see if Utah will match it. If not, Rudy is out and a possible return to Europe will depend on whether he likes his next NBA team or not.

And on top of that, the player himself has said that if he is to return to Europe, Barcelona will be his first option. The Greens however are monitoring the situation closely and are prepared to fight for his signature given the opportunity.

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