Tour of Champions: ACB winners Valencia claimed the title behind a ball screen offense and Diamond Floppy attack.

Valencia made a surprising run through the ACB playoffs to claim their first ever league championship. The pain of near misses in both the Spanish Copa del Rey and Eurocup was erased by dispensing with Euroleague sides Barcelona, Baskonia and the favorite Real Madrid en route to the championship.

How did Valencia do it? With a fluid ball screen offence ignited by “Diamond Floppy” action, Valencia became champions.

Diamond Floppy

Let’s first take a look at Valencia’s favorite alignment. Coach Pedro Martinez utilized the Diamond alignment to initiate the Valencia offence. It is clear to see how the alignment gets its’ name.

The four off-the-ball players form a diamond. From this alignment, the Orange had a deep playbook of options, but favored the “Floppy” action that is popular worldwide.

In Floppy, the low man in the diamond has the option to exit to either side using the aide of a screener to free him for a wing catch. Often teams get into a wing ball screen from this point. The top player in the diamond reads the cutter and exits opposite.

Valencia use the Floppy sequence to get into Spread Ball Screen Offence as well. Player 2 exits to one side off of a screen and Player 3 reads opposite and fills the far corner. The offence is initiated with a pass to the wing cutting off the screen.

Once the ball is entered to the wing, Player 1 gets away from his pass as Player 5 sprints into the ball screen. At this point, Valencia is in Spread Ball Screen Offence. Player 1 may use his advantage to score of find an open teammate. In the video below, Valencia demonstrates the Diamond Floppy sequence.

Video: Valencia – Diamond Floppy To Spread Ball Screen 

After an historic season, changes are forthcoming for Valencia. Martinez is out as coach and Coach Txus Vidorreta comes over from Iberostar Tenerife bringing his glorious offense and Basketball Champions League title credentials to the Spanish mainland.

The core of Valencia remains in tact as Fernando San Emeterio, Boyan Dubljevic and Rafael Martinez signed new contracts with the club. Tibor Pleiss will bolster the roster. Sharp-shooting big man Aaron Doornekamp follows Vidoretta to Valencia as well. Vidoretta and Valencia will make a return to Euroleague play where they will face Europe’s best squads.

Valencia will be a secret to no one in the 2017-18 season as the Orange try to follow up a historic season with another. Some tactics may change but the Spread Ball Screen Offence is a favorite of Vidoretta’s as well and it suits the Valencia roster. Look for another noteworthy campaign from Valencia.