FIBA’s Executive Committee has decided to lift the suspension of the Brazilian Basketball Confederation under a set of agreed upon conditions but have warned the Mexican Federation that it could face sanctions if it does not meet certain statutory requirements.

Brazil [CBB] were suspended in November 2016 as they still needed restructuring and were not fully complying with its obligations as a national member federation of FIBA under the applicable general statutes.

Since the suspension though, the CBB are under new management but the Executive Committee stressed that the coming weeks are crucial for the future of the federation in order to comply with FIBA membership criteria.

Mexico were suspended in November 2015 but reinstated in early 2016, before the Olympic Qualifying Tournament. Photo: FIBA

The Mexican Federation [ADEMEBA] were originally suspended in November 2015 but were reinstated two months later before the Olympic Qualifiers.

The Executive Committee insisted that the so-far successful implementation of reforms in ADEMEBA now needs to be finalised.

As a result, it approved a timeline of actions, with a strong emphasis on governance, financial guarantees and sports planning which ADEMEBA must comply with in order to avoid a possible reinstatement of the suspension.