Spanoulis getting closer to Olympiacos

As days go by and Panathinaikos-Spanoulis don’t seem to come to an agreement, the player is reported to getting closer to the other Greek powerhouse, Olympiacos.

Panathinaikos have offerred Spanoulis a contract worth 1.95 million euros per season, while the player is asking for more. Panathinaikos however have no intention going over the 2 millions barrier set, as they didn’t do that with Diamantidis either. And they consider Diamantidis the physical and mental leader of the team and their best player, so they won’t offer more money than Diamantidis is earning to no one, including Spanoulis, and even Zeljko Obradovic.

On the other hand Olympiacos have already made a verbal offer to Spanoulis’ agent, worth about 2.3 millions which could be risen up to 2.7 millions upon the arrival of coach Dusan Ivkovic. In this case, Spanoulis will be closer to Olympiacos as this is substantially more money in a 3-year deal, than what Panathinaikos is offering.

The official signing of Dusan Ivkovic is supposed to be announced by, as soon as, Friday and the Spanoulis saga is expected to take it’s final turn within the following days or even hours also.

Panathinaikos is also rumoured to already be examining other options like Terrell McIntyre and Bo McCalebb.