This season's EuroCup has seen a number of teams reluctantly withdraw their space and are joining the FIBA Basketball Champions League, almost against their will.

Italy will officially be represented in next season’s EuroCup competition but the Basketball Champions League will also have teams competing as well.

Umana Venezia (2nd), Sidigas Avellino (3rd) and Dinamo Sassari (6th) will play in the Basketball Champions League, while Dolomiti Energia Trentino which finished fourth in the regular season and Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia who finished sixth, will play in the EuroCup.

EA7 Milano, who propped up the EuroLeague table last season, will continue in that aforementioned event, next season.

Teams from France have also expressed a desire to play in the EuroCup next season having exclusively played in the Basketball Champions League last term.