Vujosevic: I will join Olympiacos… when they change colours

There have been rumours lately regarding the interest of Olympiacos to bring in Dusko Vujosevic, the legendary coach of Partizan, over to build a new team, but after the end of the Serbian finals Vujosevic finally talked about it and ruled out any possibility to coach Olympiacos, or almost any…

According to Vujosevic there is a chance he will coach Olympiacos, when the club changes its colours to black and white!

“These stories have nothing to do with reality. I am not planning to leave Partizan, unless I get an offer I can’t reject. I would go to Olympiacos only when they change their colours to black and white.” said Vujosevic.

And then commented about Olympiacos’ interest in Aleks Maric: “Maric is a Partizan player”.

Partizan has dominated Serbian and Adriatic basketball under Vujosevic, but the coach believes it is all the result of teamwork: “Partizan have a system that does not depend upon me. Team is more important than any individual.”