Charlon Kloof: I plan to play in the NBA at some point

MZT Skopje Aerodrom/Dragan Mitreski - Dadi
Photo: MZT Skopje Aerodrom/Dragan Mitreski - Dadi

Charlon Kloof was one of the pleasant surprises in the Eurocup. The Suriname player showed an extraordinary talent on both sides of the court. His powerful legs allow him attack the rim to score, assist, or get an advantage. Kloof talks with us about his season and the future.

How has Skopje been so far?

Skopje has been good so far. The facilities are good and the city itself has everything you need to enjoy yourself and be comfortable.

What can you tell us about your experience in the Eurocup?

I loved playing in Eurocup. The games are faster and it has a better flow especially for a player with my style of playing (running transition a lot).

What can you tell us about your experience with the National Team?

The national team is always a pleasure and a good learning experience. I enjoy playing with the team.

Who’s been the most difficult opponent you’ve ever faced?

The most difficult player I ever faced was Langston Galloway who plays in the NBA. I played against him in college.

What’s been your biggest basketball moment so far?

Winning in the quarterfinals in the A10 tournament my senior year in college.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? What about NBA?

I plan to play in the NBA at some point. I just have to keep working hard and put up numbers. I believe I will get a chance.

What aspects of your game are you currently working on most to improve?

I’m focusing on my shot the most at the moment.

What is your main goal in life?

Main goal in life is to set up a good example for my daughter. To be someone she is proud of and loves. And secondly bring the level of basketball higher in Suriname and Netherlands.

This interview was conducted by Thomas Jones.