The NBA All-Star Game isn’t just known for the all offence, no defence style of play that the players put on, which leaves fans all over the world in awe.

Sneaker heads also keep track of what exclusive PE’s are on offer on court.

However, this year’s game will mainly take a rather untraditional move away from “All-Star kicks” and highlight ‘Black History Month’ instead.

The Irving 3 BHM


LeBron 14 BHM

Adidas athlete James Harden though will however rock exclusive All-Star sneakers in New Orleans.

James Harden will wear his first signature sneaker with Adidas at the All-Star Game

But the most notable sneaker brand to move away from tradition is Nike, as athletes LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have opted to wear the Black History Month version of their sneaker.

Jordan 1 All-Star

Nike’s own Jordan Brand have All-Star-based trainers as the 1, 6 and 31 have been predominantly highlighted by popular sneaker-based platforms with their release dates coming just after the weekend.

Jordan 6 All-Star
Jordan 31 All-Star. Which could be rocked by Russell Westbrook on Sunday.

It remains unknown though if any Jordan athlete will wear these sneakers.