ImageMontepaschi Siena-Barcelona is probably the game of the week and Siena's coach Simone Pianigiani knows that and believes that his players; desire to win is more important than his tactics.

Simone Pianigiani: "There will be a great emotion, it will be a great event, and everybody live this special atmosphere, and a special game. Our fans leave at their best these extraordinary nights, and we'll try to do our best playing this special game. Those are the games all the players want to play and you can feel that everything is special during the practice, and tomorrow night approach, desire to win, intensity will be keys important more than all the tachtics we prepare."

Terrell McIntyre, Montepaschi's leader on the court added: "It's exciting when there are two top team battling and I'm sure it will be a great game from start to finish. There will be a great atmosphere, the crowd will give us extra energy, but it's tough to play against a team like Barcelona, is not enough to prepare the game, you have to compete and this is the game I love to play"

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