CSKA beats Maroussi in last second

ImageIn a thrilling game where the lead changed 3 times during the last 20 seconds, CSKA Moscow started their 2009/10 Euroleague campaign victorious thanks to a three-point buzzer beater by Khryapa.

Maroussi started the game better and maintain its lead throughout the first minutes: 6-3, 8-6 and 10-8 until CSKA caught up and the lead changed hands with the score being 12-18 by the end of the quarter thanks to some difficult shots by Langdon. The second quarter started with a 6-0 run by Maroussi but Langdon and JR Holden kept CSKa in front, 24-25, until Siskauskas stepped up and made it 27-28 with three free throws. But Maroussi finished the first half strong thanks to its Greek trio of Kaimakoglou-Batis-Mavroeidis going to the locker room with a two points lead. 34-32.

Both teams exchanged leads throughout the third quarter but CSKA was the one to finish it being in front, 48-49. The last quarter was close, like in the previous quarters and certainly not for the faint hearted ones. CSKA took a quick 4 points lead, 48-52 but Maroussi made it 55-55 thanks to a three pointer by Lucas. Siskauskas again gave CSKA a four points lead, 57-61 but with a layup by Kaimakoglou Maroussi again got in the lead 62-61.

And this is where the real game started. With 20 seconds to go CSKA had the ball and asked for a time out to execute one last attack but Langdon managed to find an open shot and make it with 11 seconds to go, 62-63. Billy Keys got the ball and dribbled all the way to the other end where with a pass and a screen he got a free shot from the arc and made it, 65-63. CSKA again asked for a timeout with 1.4 seconds to go and Khryapa made an incredible three pointer in front of Kaimakoglou to make the final score 65-66!

Maroussi: Keys 14, Pelekanos 3, Batis 3, Homan 5, Mavroeidis 13 (9 rebounds), P. Calathes, Kendall 2, Kaimakoglou 15, Lucas 10

CSKA: Kurbanov, Siskauskas 12, JR Holden 16, Ponkrashov, Langdon 18, Sokolov 7, Khryapa 5 (9 rebounds), Planinic 2, Radenovic 6

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